About the Little Victories

There are times of seemingly unbearable silences—times that create doubts and fears of not being guided, of not being heard. Despite each of these, our hope for the exceeding joy we’ve always known since we started believing keeps us from falling apart. While this certain joy can only be fully realized upon the coming of the Eternal to restore this fallen world into the good it once had been (I often refer to this as the “Great Victory”), we are and should be aware of the need to always endure to attain little victories—to take part in restoring His creation, even if our best seems to be of a very little impact.

This is an attempt to chronicle the life I live in the totality of the Lord’s creation–my endless pursuit of justice for the oppressed, my desire to keep the fire of mercy burning, the sweat I shed in the narrow path of righteousness, and the many other beautiful things that sustain me (art, music, books, poetry, etc.).